Who’s Gonna Make You Feel Alright?

Marsheaux/studio/feb 09

We are really getting crazy in the studio, working on our new album and the first songs out of it are ready! We have already sent out “Βreakthrough” to key people around and the feedback is astonishing!
“Breakthrough” is on our Myspace page on Monday 9th February and our player went crazy.
We do really love “Breakthrough” ‘s booming driving sound and we are positive that this quiet different direction on our third album will be warmly accepted as our previous ones did. “Breakthrough” is like a pop spiral flying around Milky way.
We have also “Stand By” ready and waiting to be heard – we strongly think of it as a smash. It has this retro-electro feeling deep down its core.
On the other hand, “Summer” is our most sunny track to date – all beach stuff and getting sweat under the sun. We’re sure you have missed sun as well, don’t you?
“Radial Emotion” is like an electronic-psychedelic experience. We had to give it that… erm… “radial” feeling, spreading around and taking over people’s hearts.
“Exit” is like a moody spring ceremony, a call-to-love with no strings attached. Quite fragile and lovely.
“Sorrow” is electronic body music for a fantasy dark era, as felt by two girls staring at a wide open space ahead…

Stay tuned. We’ll have more, soon…


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