Florian comes from Krefeld, actually


We have filled our suitcases with plenty of breath-stopping memories, coming back from that trip in Germany… In fact we find it so hard to spread our feelings on words here! The weekend at Krefeld was just great. We played along with Mesh, De-Vision , Nuniq and Teneq at a concert on 4th of April.
We shared the same backstage room with Nuniq and we had so much fun with Magdalena and Olaf  drinking quite a few bottles of wine, chatting and laughing.
Our friends and collagues from U.K. and Germany had arrived as well -Orac ,Chi, Kiki,Lola,Nancy ,Dirk,Stephanne and Claire(Sound XS) and it was so good to feel that we have warm hearts around us, when we had some minutes before we ‘d got on stage of Kulturfabrik.

We performed our usual staples like “Hangin’ On”, “I Dream Of A Disco”, our cover of The Human League’s “Empire State Human” as well as two brand new tracks out of “Loumineux Noir” album -“Radial Emotion” and “Breakthrough” (to be released in June). When the next day we read the reviews on our show we went crazy!

We felt kinda sad that we ran out of battery (we forgot to re-charge it – everything was running so fast in this weekend) and we could not record the whole of the performance. Just eight minutes are all we have from our Krefeld show.
We’d like to thank wholeheartedly Jan from Pluswelt for his great hospitality.


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