Tin roof rusted!

From the Athens’ hot pavements of 36 degrees, we flew to Koln within three hours and what we saw?

Rain was pouring like hell. We were a part of Amphi Festival bill along with Front 242, Absolute Body Control, Camouflage, Laibach etc. It was so fantastic – we always love to play in front of the german audience.They dance their asses off and they sing along our lyrics.

Although we were playing at the same time with the Leather Strip that were playing for their first time after a whole fifteen years, in a festive comeback, as the promo guys told us, our venue was full to the tilt!

Our show lasted 40 minutes and it ended up happily.

We were lucky because the roof didn’t collapse on our heads as happened to the next act, Feinflug. Fortunately nobody got hurt. The festival was so well organized that the guys emptied up the venue in dt!

While we were running to catch the bus that was going to take us back to the hotel we met Ralph Dopper out of Propaganda and Die Krupps. We had a little chat with him running out of our breaths and with our heels broken!

Funny how timing plays games: just one day before we were chatting with Claudia Brucknen telling her that we seriously think to cover Propaganda’s “Duel”.

Thanx to Corarabi for the clip.


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