Mis-printed Breakthrough

“Breakthrough” EP is out, including seven extra remixes of the track (by Fotonovela, Auto Auto, Tareq, D:teq) plus the unreleased “How Does It Feel?” out of the “Lumineux Noir” sessions. There was a typo-problem on the cover. The colors have been printed on their negatives and the sticker is smaller than what was intented. Undo Records re-printed the cover and the sticker, of course. We have already sold, though 65 copies of the misprinted cd at our La Scala gig.

Track listing:

01. Radio Edit
02. How Does It Feel?
03. Extended Remix
04. Fotonovela Remix

05. Auto Auto Remix
06. Marsheauxxxx Remixxxx Edit
07. Marsheauxxxx Remixxxx
08. Frankenspace Mix
09. Tareq Remix

This Undo Collectors Edition will be strictly limited to just 300 copies and
will only be available via the official Undo store and the OFFICIAL marsheaux Forum.


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