Luminous Basement Pt 2

We never expected  while creating our Mylene Farmer-N’Aie Plus D’Amertume remix and uploading its snippet,  things would turn out the way they did since last night!

We did the remix just to play it at our DJsets, so it is unofficial (which means that it is not approved by the record company or the management) and that is why we can’t upload it anywhere.

Therefor please don’t ask us to sent you the  MP3 or sell you the song’s Wav file !!!!

We have to say though, that we are very pleased  because , a lot of french people have learned about our music through the remix of Mylene Farmer-N’Aie Plus D’Amertume song .

We warmly thank you for the beautiful emails you are posting and enjoy the new snippet from our Radio Edit Remix




One thought on “Luminous Basement Pt 2

  1. Thanks to Mylene Farmer’s remix i discovered your music and i love it!!!! Your album “Lumineux noir” is excellent. All the songs are brilliants. Thank you.

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