So Manic Now !!

Just arrived from London, where we saw Erasure playing at the Roundhouse on Tuesday, 25th of October.

Whenever we see them on stage, every single positive emotion arises on top and our reactions seem to be always the same: we don’t stop dancing, screaming the lyrics, waving our hands in the air –especially on “Stop”-, looking each other in ecstasy after the song fades with everyone around thinking that we are retarded!

Our smiles at the picture, after the concert, say it all.

In the last twenty five years, Andy is without doubt, the brightest pop star in music business! A charismatic performer, full of humor and positive energy that wins your heart since the first moment he appears on the stage. His voice is wonderful and as loud as can be, driving the audience to thick waves of ecstasy.

We’d wish he could  be our brother, best friend to share our dinners and everything.

If you have ever seen Erasure live, you know what we’re talkin’ about. If not, then, you ‘ve surely missed some wonderful experiences and your evenings haven’t been so bright enough.

Andy, we wish you the best – health and full energy- so that we can enjoy with you again.

Before the concert and afterwards we met Sarah Blackwood (Dubstar, ex-Client) and had some creative chatting about music, future plans and about how gorgeous Andy Bell is.

We exchanged cooking recipes as well!

We really love Sarah because up to twenty years now she remains a sensual, enjoyable voice of the modern-day electro pop scene. She is a great singer and warm loving person.

We’d like to say a big thanx to Racheal and Meggan at Mute and to Tasos and Angela at EMI Greece for securing us the passes to the concert.


4 thoughts on “So Manic Now !!

  1. I was lucky to see them at London’s Hammersmith Odeon in May 1988 (yes, that’s right, 1988, during “The Innocents” tour). Andy was a great performer then and from what I can see on the video he is a great performer now. I remember him introducing a new song that night:
    “When I was just a little… girl, I asked my mother what will I be?
    Will I be heterosexual?
    Will I be homosexual?
    Or will I be bisexual?
    And my mother answered : Son, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you have respect!”

    (And that was the time I heard “A Little Respect” for the first time)

  2. Saw Erasure for the sixth time in San Diego and a mutual friend who knows Andy said he’d introduce me. Well that fell thru and I was crushed. That might have been one of the greatest nights of my life. I had to settle for eye-contact and a wave from Andy which made my night anyway. Once Andy gets under your skin you’re hooked. I live near Palm Springs, a very gay-friendly city and I know he visits occasionally. I’m still going to try to meet him. It will be bigger then the night I met Sinatra!

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