Better Than Lumineux Noir ? Haha …No F*****g Way!!!!

While things are getting harder everyday in Greece, with people trying to keep up their heads and morals, we are  putting our effort to finish our new album. It is almost ready and will be out on April 2012.

We haven’t found the title yet, but we are sure it’s going to just “pop up” somewhere in between.

From the 24 new songs/demos we’ve prepared-we are now mixing  in the studio together with our lovely Fotonovela boys- have to reject 12 songs.

 The demo song  Thirteen/True is the first one we’ve decided not to include in the new album.

We’ve decided though to gradually post the rejected ones here in our blog. Some of them will be used in a compilation (released by Undo records), called The Ebay Queen Is Dead and will be distributed only at our concerts. It will also contain other unreleased material, covers, demos, remixes etc…..

….and yes our new album is far better than Lumineux noir


Marianthi & Sophie

13 thoughts on “Better Than Lumineux Noir ? Haha …No F*****g Way!!!!

  1. Looking forward to this… hopefully include the “Eyes Without a Face” cover? Maybe? 🙂

    I love that track!

    And I loved Lumineux Noir 🙂

    • But, that’s the beuty of it, Yngve. If it had cover versions, critics would say that it was popular because it contained familiar songs that everybody liked. But without covers, it was able to stand on its own as an album. And I liked every song on it on first listen, which is rare for an album these days! Don’t get me wrong, I love it when Marsheaux do covers. It was in fact, their covers of “Pure” and “The Promise” that got me interested in them, because I didn’t believe any body remembered them all those years later. But then I discovered their own songs which are also great!

    • Exactly! I’m not kidding when I say that “Lumineux Noir” is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard; it’s hard to believe that Marsheaux can top it. But if THIS SONG isn’t “good enough” for the new album, I have every faith that the new album will, in fact, be even better than “Lumineux Noir” (as impossible as that sounds!).

  2. How will your fans overseas be able to get The Ebay Queen Is Dead? I’ll probably never get the chance to see you in concert, as I live in Australia 😦

  3. I’ve always had a very privileged position within the Marsheaux/UNDO family, they have been/are the most important aspect of my music life for the last 5 years. Hearing Marsheaux for the first time was a breath of fresh air, pure ‘electronic’ heaven, and hearing this new track with the distinctive ‘Marsheaux’ sound has once again taken my breath away. Excited about the new material? What do you think 😉

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  5. Technically ,this is an amazing track – But i can see why it didn’t make the cut – The ‘c’mon feel me now’ being too repetitive . Gotta tell you girls, you have successfully been able to create your signature sound – It cannot and will not be replicated – You are AWESOME and i’ll never get over your style. Your sound took me totally by surprise – Like Parralox , Circ and BT with their ingenuity.

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