Rejected Track no2

The weather in Athens is back to normal! Sunny and warm!
The life in Athens is back to “normal’  as well. Our goverment has managed to have this so much talked about lawn, billions to ‘save’ our small and so beautiful country, but we are not sure if this is going to save at least a single Greek! It is always banks for the banks! Don’t let them fool you!!

We are still in the studio recording vocals .
Here’s the second rejected track from our forthcoming album.
(This one was the first demo we did for the new album and we worked it with Cicada  but never ended up in a collaboration.We always were fans of all the Cicada remixes and we were very happy when they did a remix for our  Can You Stop Me!Today we learned that they re going to release their “best of”  remixes into a CD  this summer and they will include Can You Stop Me? (Cicada Remix) there.What a nice surprise!!!)

“Do you Feel”   is still in demo phaze without proper lyrics  ..

At least, by now you must have a good idea of where the new album is going to!

Marianthi & Sophie


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