The Best Melody For The New Dawn

When EMI sent us the song, our first thoughts were memories of the music of Stavros Xarchakos, the movie ” Girls In the Sun “, Elena Nathanael, the cosmopolitanism of Clearchus Konitsiotis and black and white films of 60’s. So we started to do the remix with these images in mind and wanted to stay loyal to this climate, despite of our familiar synth pop style. It is very strange and exciting at the same time, to work on the music of a singer whom you did not know. It gives you the necessary space of freedom to work according to your own experiences, to project your memories and aesthetics in someone else’s music. We believe that the result vindicates our effort and we thank Saori Yuki for her receptivity to it.



5 thoughts on “The Best Melody For The New Dawn

  1. Girls I fell in love with the song sing the first time I heard it on Pepper FM here in Greece. I’ve actually decided to use it on my wedding video which I’m currently editing. Question: Where can I buy it from??? Only itunes?

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