We Just Met The No1 Blitz Kid !!

There’s only been  a month since we got back home from the TEC002 event.

For once again we missed Fotonovela.(sorry …again boys) .Its like a curse never to see them perform.

We also lost those  great stories Rusty Egan said before his DJ set about John Foxx, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode etc.

We were very happy though that people enjoyed the entire show and it was a really great surprise that they  liked  our 2 new songs  (Inhale and Come On Now). Especially Come On Now seems to become a live favorite as we played it again at the encore.

The biggest surprised was when Rusty Egan joined us on stage playing pads on . For sure that was the best moment of the event.

After the show we had the honour to get introduced to Rusty. He’s friendly ,warm and elegant,…he looked great in his black suit and his smile is disarming. It’s a pity we didn’t have the time to chat a bit. We would then have asked him which debut album was better in 1981  : Duran’s s/t LP  or Spandau’s “Journeys To Glory”:DDD…

Yesterday we learned that Nick , George  ( Undo Records boys) and Rusty will collaborate to release a cd box set from the Blitz years!!

Finally we must thank Chi ,Paul , Lola,Robert and Latex  for all their support, all these years. Its always a pleasure when we meet all together. To know that when we feel stressed on stage there are “our ” people in the audience to support us…..


2 thoughts on “We Just Met The No1 Blitz Kid !!

  1. Girls you missed an Apleton dj mix from the boys and I enjoyed your set , energy and sound . Thanks to Chi I am getting more and more new electronic music and excited . My own DJ Set was just selected on the spot to include Kraftwerk, and my own R.E.RB Remix 2010 , plus John Foxx era Ultravox The Man Who Dies Everyday and Midge Ure era Visions of You Remix ……..Next time I am happy to warm up….x

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