April, 2nd, 2013


We didn’t want to post this yesterday because you’d think of it as a lie of the April Fool’s Day.

Finally, our new album, titled “Inhale” will be out on April, 22nd 2013 via Undo Records. Fresh new sounds by Marsheaux with a bombastic but delicate electro goodies. Two days before this date, a 7” single will be out, in coloured vinyl, in limited quantity of 300 copies, just to empower the cause and the appeal of the Record Store Day 2013.

With the initial 250 orders through the Undo Records official site as well as through selected online record stores (the list will be announced, next week), the buyers will receive a bonus cd with unreleased remixes.

This is our first single “Inhale”:


Shake Us To Inhale……..

Marsheaux 2013 Photo

It’s not going to be very long until our new work, titled “Inhale”, will see the light of the day!

We know some of you have been really anxious while waiting for it! You’ve already heard our album opener “Alone” at The Electricity Club and now it’s time for a teaser with our new stuff!

Thank you for the support you’ve been giving us all these years and…..



Teaser track listing

  1. Self Control
  2. To The end
  3. Secret Place
  4. Inhale
  5. Come On Now
  6. Alone
  7. Never Stop
  8. August Day
  9. Over And Over
  10. End Is A New Start
  11. Can U Stop Me


Rejected Track no2

The weather in Athens is back to normal! Sunny and warm!
The life in Athens is back to “normal’  as well. Our goverment has managed to have this so much talked about lawn, billions to ‘save’ our small and so beautiful country, but we are not sure if this is going to save at least a single Greek! It is always banks for the banks! Don’t let them fool you!!

We are still in the studio recording vocals .
Here’s the second rejected track from our forthcoming album.
(This one was the first demo we did for the new album and we worked it with Cicada  but never ended up in a collaboration.We always were fans of all the Cicada remixes and we were very happy when they did a remix for our  Can You Stop Me!Today we learned that they re going to release their “best of”  remixes into a CD  this summer and they will include Can You Stop Me? (Cicada Remix) there.What a nice surprise!!!)

“Do you Feel”   is still in demo phaze without proper lyrics  ..

At least, by now you must have a good idea of where the new album is going to!

Marianthi & Sophie

Better Than Lumineux Noir ? Haha …No F*****g Way!!!!

While things are getting harder everyday in Greece, with people trying to keep up their heads and morals, we are  putting our effort to finish our new album. It is almost ready and will be out on April 2012.

We haven’t found the title yet, but we are sure it’s going to just “pop up” somewhere in between.

From the 24 new songs/demos we’ve prepared-we are now mixing  in the studio together with our lovely Fotonovela boys- have to reject 12 songs.

 The demo song  Thirteen/True is the first one we’ve decided not to include in the new album.

We’ve decided though to gradually post the rejected ones here in our blog. Some of them will be used in a compilation (released by Undo records), called The Ebay Queen Is Dead and will be distributed only at our concerts. It will also contain other unreleased material, covers, demos, remixes etc…..

….and yes our new album is far better than Lumineux noir


Marianthi & Sophie

Summer in Winter

Our video clip for “Summer” is out, directed by the Beatroot team. An early version of this clip had some sequences with us in them, but we decided not to use them. We are very happy with the clip –all summery and nice- but Undo Records has aired it up in the middle of the winter. Weirdos! Officially they are the most out-of-their-silly-heads, guys ever!

Mis-printed Breakthrough

“Breakthrough” EP is out, including seven extra remixes of the track (by Fotonovela, Auto Auto, Tareq, D:teq) plus the unreleased “How Does It Feel?” out of the “Lumineux Noir” sessions. There was a typo-problem on the cover. The colors have been printed on their negatives and the sticker is smaller than what was intented. Undo Records re-printed the cover and the sticker, of course. We have already sold, though 65 copies of the misprinted cd at our La Scala gig.

Track listing:

01. Radio Edit
02. How Does It Feel?
03. Extended Remix
04. Fotonovela Remix

05. Auto Auto Remix
06. Marsheauxxxx Remixxxx Edit
07. Marsheauxxxx Remixxxx
08. Frankenspace Mix
09. Tareq Remix

This Undo Collectors Edition will be strictly limited to just 300 copies and
will only be available via the official Undo store and the OFFICIAL marsheaux Forum.

Bows To La Scala !

After one month of preparations and rehearsals along with some fights, the time has come for our La Scala concert in London. In 19 of November the historical venue was full of art students, greek people that came along to see Mikro mostly -rather than us- and people coming in the show having read about it in Electrionically Yours site. EY organized a party at La Scala at this very day. The venue is magnificent – we really enjoyed performing there because the stage is really close to the audience.

Luminous Dark

Our album has been released in Germany first and now is the time (October 2009) to be released in Greece as well. “Lumineux Noir” is pack-folded with six posters – so spectacular all of them…

But you have to scrap the sleeve to open up the album.

Will you?

Tin roof rusted!

From the Athens’ hot pavements of 36 degrees, we flew to Koln within three hours and what we saw?

Rain was pouring like hell. We were a part of Amphi Festival bill along with Front 242, Absolute Body Control, Camouflage, Laibach etc. It was so fantastic – we always love to play in front of the german audience.They dance their asses off and they sing along our lyrics.

Although we were playing at the same time with the Leather Strip that were playing for their first time after a whole fifteen years, in a festive comeback, as the promo guys told us, our venue was full to the tilt!

Our show lasted 40 minutes and it ended up happily.

We were lucky because the roof didn’t collapse on our heads as happened to the next act, Feinflug. Fortunately nobody got hurt. The festival was so well organized that the guys emptied up the venue in dt!

While we were running to catch the bus that was going to take us back to the hotel we met Ralph Dopper out of Propaganda and Die Krupps. We had a little chat with him running out of our breaths and with our heels broken!

Funny how timing plays games: just one day before we were chatting with Claudia Brucknen telling her that we seriously think to cover Propaganda’s “Duel”.

Thanx to Corarabi for the clip.