Shake Us To Inhale……..

Marsheaux 2013 Photo

It’s not going to be very long until our new work, titled “Inhale”, will see the light of the day!

We know some of you have been really anxious while waiting for it! You’ve already heard our album opener “Alone” at The Electricity Club and now it’s time for a teaser with our new stuff!

Thank you for the support you’ve been giving us all these years and…..



Teaser track listing

  1. Self Control
  2. To The end
  3. Secret Place
  4. Inhale
  5. Come On Now
  6. Alone
  7. Never Stop
  8. August Day
  9. Over And Over
  10. End Is A New Start
  11. Can U Stop Me



The most unusual triangle in the history of love… a girl, another girl and a vocoder!

An artificially intelligent Vocoder and its human owner find themselves in a romantic rivalry over a woman. Sounds familiar ?

Few days prior to Christmas and even fewer before the end of the world, we decided to experiment in a different direction onto our all time classic “computer love”.

“Computer Love” is the first trk we wrote together back in 2003 and it was our first musical child…

there is a great story behind this track , that keeps us together all these years!

We added a christmas touch , which sounds a bit melancholic but in the end, it leaves you with a strong positive feeling!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2013 to all!!



We Just Met The No1 Blitz Kid !!

There’s only been  a month since we got back home from the TEC002 event.

For once again we missed Fotonovela.(sorry …again boys) .Its like a curse never to see them perform.

We also lost those  great stories Rusty Egan said before his DJ set about John Foxx, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode etc.

We were very happy though that people enjoyed the entire show and it was a really great surprise that they  liked  our 2 new songs  (Inhale and Come On Now). Especially Come On Now seems to become a live favorite as we played it again at the encore.

The biggest surprised was when Rusty Egan joined us on stage playing pads on . For sure that was the best moment of the event.

After the show we had the honour to get introduced to Rusty. He’s friendly ,warm and elegant,…he looked great in his black suit and his smile is disarming. It’s a pity we didn’t have the time to chat a bit. We would then have asked him which debut album was better in 1981  : Duran’s s/t LP  or Spandau’s “Journeys To Glory”:DDD…

Yesterday we learned that Nick , George  ( Undo Records boys) and Rusty will collaborate to release a cd box set from the Blitz years!!

Finally we must thank Chi ,Paul , Lola,Robert and Latex  for all their support, all these years. Its always a pleasure when we meet all together. To know that when we feel stressed on stage there are “our ” people in the audience to support us…..

E-Bay Queen Is Dead…But Sophie Says She Isn’t…

After numerous discussions/arguments between us and Undo Records (if it’s politically correct to release the Cd in this sleeve), “we”  decided to release this compilation with unreleased material from our archives. You will find it at  our forthcoming concerts (although a very limited quantity will be sold  through Undo Records store from June 1st).

Some of the tracks are first time released on CD, some other are unreleased, you can find demos, rejected trks and unreleased cover versions.

We sold 60 of them at our gig at Ballyhoo London. All the  people who bought the cdrs and gave their email addresses  to Lola at the merchandise desk, will  receive the factory printed silver CD within  the first week of June. You will be noticed by email from the “Undo Records” boys.

The full trk listing:

1.  Bizzare Love Duo   The B-Side to the ‘Ghost’ 7” single. You can easily hear our Front 242 influence in the bass line. This was originally going to be the A-Side and ‘Ghost’ as the B-Side, but UNDO Records thought differently so the sides were reversed.

2.  FischerPrice   Undo Records in collaboration with Greek music magazine POP+ROCK, released a CD LM.END_1 with unreleased tracks and exclusive remixes from the UNDO’s archives. Our participation was this track which was inspired by an ironic comment from the internet referring to our music as “music for Fisher-Price toys”.

3.  Now And never  This was one of the first tracks we recorded for our debut album ‘E-Bay Queen’. Unfortunately we never got around to adding vocals or finishing it, so it remains an instrumental out-take only.

4.  Eyes Without A Face   Our cover of the Billy Idol classic was meant to surface in 2010 on an 80’s tribute CD which never saw the light of day. The original was one of our favourite songs in the 80’s and we really love this cover of it.

5.  Inside   This was the first rejected track from our 4th album ‘Inhale’. The working title was Thirteen/True.

6.  Do You Feel ?   This was the second rejected track from ‘Inhale’. We received many messages asking for it to be included in the new album, the best comment was “it’s like Giorgio Moroder remixes something from Curve’s classic album Doppelgänger, which makes for a superb meeting of synthesizer Disco and Shoegaze”

7.  Ghost/Hammer (Smash Up)  A superb mash-up that we did for our DJ sets. Fotonovela’s ‘Hammer’ was a hit in Greece and was used for a Nissan Micra TV campaign. It is incredible how well it blends with ‘Ghost’.

8.  Empire State Human    We did this Human League cover for the Electronically Yours Event (11/10/2007) and played it live there for the first time. It appeared only on the promo CD’s for ‘Peek-A-Boo’. These CD’s were sent to Greek journalists and also given away with initial orders of our second album ‘Peek-A-Boo’ from the UNDO Records store. Remains a live favourite.

9.   Sadly   After the success of ‘E-Bay Queen’, we took a month off and went on vacation. Returning sun-kissed and relaxed we wrote this track. It was the first track we recorded and finished for ‘Peek-A-Boo’ but also the first track we rejected. As time went by we grew to like it more and more and it finally appeared on the magnificent ‘Electronically Yours’ CD.

10.  How Does It Feel ?  Tucked away on the ‘Breakthrough Remix EP’, a superb track that Out Of Line wanted to include on our third album ‘Lumineux Noir’, but we decided to keep it back for the remix EP, and now for here.

11.  Regret (Version 2)  Maybe the last good song from New Order, and one of our favorites by them. Our original cover (Version 1) appeared on ‘Peek-A-Boo’. Again, like ‘Empire State Human’, this version only appeared on the ‘Peek-A-Boo’ Promo CD.

12. She’s Leaving  If we had to name one band that has had the biggest influence on our sound it would be Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark. Here is our cover/tribute to a classic track from one of the greatest synth albums of all times ‘Architecture & Morality’. While the version with our vocals and Andy McCluskey’s was premiered through the Official OMD website, this version with just our vocals has never been available anywhere before now.

13. Fly Away   Recorded directly after our cover of the Lightning Seeds ‘Pure’, it was never finished until the day that the boys from UNDO Records sent it to the Cosmopolitan magazine            editor. She loved it, and it turned into ‘Cosmogirl’ for their TV campaign.

14. Cosmogirl     Cosmopolitan magazine TV campaign spot.

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The Best Melody For The New Dawn

When EMI sent us the song, our first thoughts were memories of the music of Stavros Xarchakos, the movie ” Girls In the Sun “, Elena Nathanael, the cosmopolitanism of Clearchus Konitsiotis and black and white films of 60’s. So we started to do the remix with these images in mind and wanted to stay loyal to this climate, despite of our familiar synth pop style. It is very strange and exciting at the same time, to work on the music of a singer whom you did not know. It gives you the necessary space of freedom to work according to your own experiences, to project your memories and aesthetics in someone else’s music. We believe that the result vindicates our effort and we thank Saori Yuki for her receptivity to it.


Rejected Track no2

The weather in Athens is back to normal! Sunny and warm!
The life in Athens is back to “normal’  as well. Our goverment has managed to have this so much talked about lawn, billions to ‘save’ our small and so beautiful country, but we are not sure if this is going to save at least a single Greek! It is always banks for the banks! Don’t let them fool you!!

We are still in the studio recording vocals .
Here’s the second rejected track from our forthcoming album.
(This one was the first demo we did for the new album and we worked it with Cicada  but never ended up in a collaboration.We always were fans of all the Cicada remixes and we were very happy when they did a remix for our  Can You Stop Me!Today we learned that they re going to release their “best of”  remixes into a CD  this summer and they will include Can You Stop Me? (Cicada Remix) there.What a nice surprise!!!)

“Do you Feel”   is still in demo phaze without proper lyrics  ..

At least, by now you must have a good idea of where the new album is going to!

Marianthi & Sophie

Better Than Lumineux Noir ? Haha …No F*****g Way!!!!

While things are getting harder everyday in Greece, with people trying to keep up their heads and morals, we are  putting our effort to finish our new album. It is almost ready and will be out on April 2012.

We haven’t found the title yet, but we are sure it’s going to just “pop up” somewhere in between.

From the 24 new songs/demos we’ve prepared-we are now mixing  in the studio together with our lovely Fotonovela boys- have to reject 12 songs.

 The demo song  Thirteen/True is the first one we’ve decided not to include in the new album.

We’ve decided though to gradually post the rejected ones here in our blog. Some of them will be used in a compilation (released by Undo records), called The Ebay Queen Is Dead and will be distributed only at our concerts. It will also contain other unreleased material, covers, demos, remixes etc…..

….and yes our new album is far better than Lumineux noir


Marianthi & Sophie

So Manic Now !!

Just arrived from London, where we saw Erasure playing at the Roundhouse on Tuesday, 25th of October.

Whenever we see them on stage, every single positive emotion arises on top and our reactions seem to be always the same: we don’t stop dancing, screaming the lyrics, waving our hands in the air –especially on “Stop”-, looking each other in ecstasy after the song fades with everyone around thinking that we are retarded!

Our smiles at the picture, after the concert, say it all.

In the last twenty five years, Andy is without doubt, the brightest pop star in music business! A charismatic performer, full of humor and positive energy that wins your heart since the first moment he appears on the stage. His voice is wonderful and as loud as can be, driving the audience to thick waves of ecstasy.

We’d wish he could  be our brother, best friend to share our dinners and everything.

If you have ever seen Erasure live, you know what we’re talkin’ about. If not, then, you ‘ve surely missed some wonderful experiences and your evenings haven’t been so bright enough.

Andy, we wish you the best – health and full energy- so that we can enjoy with you again.

Before the concert and afterwards we met Sarah Blackwood (Dubstar, ex-Client) and had some creative chatting about music, future plans and about how gorgeous Andy Bell is.

We exchanged cooking recipes as well!

We really love Sarah because up to twenty years now she remains a sensual, enjoyable voice of the modern-day electro pop scene. She is a great singer and warm loving person.

We’d like to say a big thanx to Racheal and Meggan at Mute and to Tasos and Angela at EMI Greece for securing us the passes to the concert.


Luminous Basement Pt 2

We never expected  while creating our Mylene Farmer-N’Aie Plus D’Amertume remix and uploading its snippet,  things would turn out the way they did since last night!

We did the remix just to play it at our DJsets, so it is unofficial (which means that it is not approved by the record company or the management) and that is why we can’t upload it anywhere.

Therefor please don’t ask us to sent you the  MP3 or sell you the song’s Wav file !!!!

We have to say though, that we are very pleased  because , a lot of french people have learned about our music through the remix of Mylene Farmer-N’Aie Plus D’Amertume song .

We warmly thank you for the beautiful emails you are posting and enjoy the new snippet from our Radio Edit Remix



Luminous Basement

Since the 20th of September we have been preparing our demos for our brand new album, scheduled to be released in early 2012.

As everyday we start working our new material , full of enthusiasm but pretty much soon as we roll, we start chatting –without even realizing it- about how these wonderful Aussies Icehouse have elegantly copied the Roxy Music, about how we really loved their first two albums (“Icehouse”, “Primitive Man”) or about whether Mylene Farmer’s “Blue Noir”, her first release without her long time associate Laurent Boutonnat, is really an album in the same quality line as her other brilliant albums.

We always had so much respect for Mylene. We strongly believe that she is steps ahead from Madonna’s moves and we are positive that Madge has always her eyes on Mylene.  Out of “Blue Noir” album, “N’ Aie Plus D’ Amertume” sounds like a raw diamond and we felt challenged to give it our Marsheaux treatment, just to enlist it in our dj sets.

After four hours of creative chaos we had made an extended remix, one of our best up to now.

Enjoy the snippet ……