Full Attack

The new song we recorded especially for “Odyssey“,
a compilation of all our four albums and unreleased songs.



Les Disques Crépuscule presents Odyssey, a compilation of our tracks.

As well as highlights from all our four studio albums released on Undo Records, Odyssey also includes hard to find single Ghost, advertising jingle Cosmogirl, and Full Attack – a brand new song recorded especially for this project.



1. m.a.r.s.h.e.a.u.x.
2. Flash Lights
3. Computer Love
4. Dream of a Disco
5. Home
6. Wait No More
7. Summer
8. Destroy Me
9. Faith
10. Sorrow
11. Ghost
12. Do You Feel?
13. Over and Over
14. Inhale
15. Alone
16. Can You Stop Me?
17. Full Attack
18. Cosmogirl
19. Popcorn

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